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One of the top custom-made China Watch Manufacturers in China

Our product is watch. Our passion is service.

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Since 2009

Romlicen watches (Zhanchuang) was established in 2009. Romlicen is one of the world’s largest small-quantity watches suppliers with over 1000+ unique styles since its establishment.

We sell a wide variety of watches including ladies watches, men’s watches, automatic watches, quartz watches, titanium watches, and stainless steel watches, zinc alloy watches, etc.

We offer value-added services such as product design, OEM/ODM, and more. Gradually it has been formed a developed, design, manufacture, and excellent after-sale service for the production of a one-stop service system, to ensure that the products are of high quality and high grade.

Our staff are highly specialized and will help you manufacture and find the watches you need. We are experts.

Offering speed, variety, and convenience

Customers choose Romlicen Watches because of our speed and convenience. We provide same-day service and prepare feedback quickly. We sell the widest variety of watches types, We are conveniently located and offer fast and easy access to watch products and services. No need to wait.

Choose from over 1000 watch types

Romlicen Watches is known worldwide as The Convenience Partner for Watches. We are your one-stop partner for all your watch’s needs.

Match to your exact specifications

Orders can be customized while you wait. Just tell us the quantity you need and in what requirements. It’s that easy.

Fast, reliable service and delivery

We provide fast, reliable service and delivery from DHL, FedEx, or others. We are the perfect solution for customers who need to watch fast.

Multiple ways to buy

We provide fast and convenient access to the watch you need. Call or email us for instant access to over 200 watch types. You can also visit our company and browse our watch showroom in person.

Buy only what you need

Buy whatever amount of watch you need, quickly and easily, with no minimum order size. Simply purchase the type you want.

Problem solvers

Not sure what watches you need? Our friendly, knowledgeable associates are ready to help. We listen to your needs and provide solutions to your problems.

Source hard-to-find watches for you

Looking for rare watches? Just tell us what you are looking for and we’ll find it. If we don’t have it in stock, we’ll check our network of Watch Supermarkets.

Committed to total customer satisfaction

Over +100 customers rely on Watch Supermarkets for quality watch-related products and services. We provide all types of customers with fast and reliable service. Our customers include Wholesaler, Private Lable Brand Owner, OEM/ODM Custom, and more.

Visit, call, or email us for instant access to watch.

Quartz watches

Automatic watches

Men’s watches

Women’s watches

Chronograph watches

Zinc alloy watches

Stainless steel watches

10+ Years of Satisfaction

The Clients

All needs and requirements from clients are fulfilled through production and communication and produced into high-quality custom watch products.

We provide same-day service quickly and carry the widest variety of watch styles.

We’re confident that Romlicen has gained 100% satisfaction from our clients.

Vision, Mission & Values

By continually developing, sharing, and implementing best practices, we’re able to advance sales growth and operate with integrity. Finally, we have become a first-class watch solutions provider.

Our vast diversity of watches isn’t everything – professionalism, safety, and world-class service are at the core of our values.

We are working constantly to go above and beyond customer expectations by recognizing the value of establishing a workplace with integrity.


To be the first-class watch solution provider in our selected markets, providing diversified, convenient, and fast services.


Romlicen Watches will fulfill its vision by providing quality products and superior services that add value to our customers.


Business Model



At Romlicen Watches, we believe:

Offering world-class customer service

Mutual maximizing business growth

Trusting, and mutually profitable relationship

Improving, sharing, and implementing the system continually