The advantages of the Japanese SEIKO-NH35 automatic mechanical movement

The SEIKO NH35 is an automatic mechanical movement produced by the renowned Japanese company, SEIKO. It is widely used in their own brand and custom watches, earning widespread acclaim in the horology industry for its stability, durability, and accuracy.

NH35 Automatic Mechanical Movement


  1. High Precision: The NH35 movement incorporates a highly precise automatic winding system, ensuring long-term stability and improved timekeeping accuracy.
  2. Durability: The construction and material selection of the NH35 movement emphasize durability. For instance, it features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and a 316L stainless steel case that can withstand temperature changes and impacts.
  3. Anti-Magnetic Performance: Certain components of the movement are made with anti-magnetic materials, protecting the watch from the influence of magnetic fields and ensuring its proper functioning.
  4. Automatic Winding: The NH35 movement is equipped with an automatic winding system, providing continuous power to the watch through daily activities.
  5. Instantaneous Date Change: The movement possesses a quick and accurate date display that can change instantaneously at any time.
  6. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to some higher-end movements, the NH35 offers a more affordable price while maintaining excellent performance and functionality.
  7. Convenient Servicing: SEIKO provides extensive repair services for the NH35 movement, eliminating the need for users to search for specific service centers when maintenance or repairs are required.
  8. Aesthetic Design: The NH35 movement boasts a sleek and elegant design that can complement various styles of watch cases.
  9. Stable Operation: The NH35 movement maintains stable operation in high-altitude areas and under different temperature conditions.
  10. Brand Reputation: SEIKO, as a highly reputable watch manufacturer, has gained recognition from a wide range of users for its product quality and after-sales service.

In summary, the SEIKO-NH35 automatic mechanical movement stands out in the watch market due to its high precision, durability, anti-magnetic performance, automatic winding, instantaneous date change, cost-effectiveness, convenient servicing, aesthetic design, stable operation, and brand reputation. It is a recommended and trustworthy movement for watch enthusiasts.

SEIKO NH35 Movement

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