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Our in-house design team will help you with creating your completely unique watch & watch brand.

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Romlicen is a leading OEM/ODM watch manufacturer in China specializing in helping startups kickstart their watch brand. With 15+ years of experience making watches, we enable entrepreneurs to realize their vision.

Our end-to-end services empower you to launch high-quality, customized watches tailored to your target customer & budget.

We Can Help With:

  • Designs & Prototyping
  • Sourcing Quality Materials
  • Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Quality Control & Assurance
  • Packaging & Shipping

Whether you want to start an affordable watch brand or luxury watch company, we have got you covered. Our expertise allows you to focus on marketing & sales while we handle production.

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How To Create a Watch Brand

To create a watch brand is to perfectly combine design and function and then gain user love and market share. Therefore, choosing an experienced and skilled watch manufacturer can ensure the continuous output of high-quality watches.

At Zhanchuang (Romlicen) Watch Company, we will provide customized private label services for various watch styles, different colors, and materials such as zinc alloy, stainless steel, bronze, etc. If you are planning to start your own watch brand and don’t know how to start a watch brand, here is what you need to know.

Define the appearance of your own watch brand

Define the appearance of your own watch brand.

Before we go into the details of actually designing a watch, the first thing is to spend some time defining the appearance of your own watch brand.

When considering how to build a watch brand, you first need to consider:

  • Your target audience
  • The desired price your target audiences accept
  • Material and look they’re looking for
  • Amount of investment
  • Watch sales channels such as retail or wholesale.

Once you have a total understanding and market research of the style you are looking for, it can assist you in figuring out how to create a better watch brand that meets the expectations of your potential customers.

Detailed anatomy of watch parts (components)

Before building the watch brand and designing the watch, it’s very useful for you should make an in-depth understanding of each watch component.

It is very crucial to cooperate with an experienced watch manufacturing company that offers a various range of styles and materials. They provide you with more options. We deeply know every high-quality part makes up the high-quality final products.

Movement: battery-operated quartz, mechanical, automatic movement, and hybrid. Your watch manufacturer can better guide you on what to pick.

Case Material: It’s the core body of the watch under the bezel. The common options include stainless steel, metal alloys, titanium, brass, ceramic, carbon fiber etc.

Case Back: Placed on the back of the watch and is removable.

Bezel: The outer edge of the dial that goes around the watch face and the glass.

Dial: The part of the watch that tells time.

Subdial: A smaller dial, can be added to show other information such as seconds, minutes, hours, and used as a stopwatch.

Crystal: The transparent cover is placed on top of the watch.

Hands: The small part of the watch that tells the time.

Lugs: The outer part that connects the watch case to the straps.

Crown/Pushers: The small parts on the outside of the watch that help adjust the time or wind of the watch.

Strap / Bracelet: The bands clasp the watch around the wrist and fasten it. Many options are available, such as metal, leather, rubber, etc..

Buckle: The metal part on the strap locks the watch on the wrist.

Marking: The logo or branding on the watch’s face or back case.

Packaging: How to pack your watch and present it to the customer.

Watch Parts or Components

Choose Watch Styles & Configurations

Once you launch your watch brand, choose the styles and configurations that align with your brand image and target audience interests.

At Romlicen, we provide multiple watch style options for you to select from our extensive watch style library. Or you can provide your custom designs to bring your creative vision to life.

Some common watch case shape choices are:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Oval
  • Tonneau

You can combine various case shapes with different bezels, dials, hands set and watch straps in leather, metal, rubber, nylon etc. Choices for movements include quartz, automatic, chronograph, dual time zones and smart connected movements.

Our library already has 500+ stylish watch design templates focusing on latest trends. Or you can co-design something unique from scratch. Our team will then create 3D models, source optimal materials and manufacture fully assembled watches as per your selections.

Design Your Brand Identity

Creating a strong brand identity is crucial for making an emotional connection with your target audience and standing out in the watch market.

After you have finalized the watch styles, next important step is to establish your visual brand identity. This includes –

Brand Name & Logo

  • Keep it unique, memorable, and meaningful to your brand values.

Logo Design

  • A symbolic visual representation of your brand vision
  • Can incorporate watch shapes, themes relevant to your personality

Typography Style

  • Fonts that express your brand tonality & styles

Color Palette

  • Colors that align with your brand messaging
  • Can use just 1 or multiple accent colors

Other Brand Elements

  • Symbols, patterns, motifs & signatures reflecting your differentiation

Our graphic design team can help brainstorm and create the visual assets – logo, color schemes etc customized to your watch brand story and motto.

Let the brand identity clearly convey who you are as a watch brand to your audience. Our experts can guide you through this process based on your requirements.

Design your Watch
Prototype a watch for your watch brand

Design and prototype a watch for your watch brand

It’s time to start considering watch design after you’ve got the total knowledge of the different parts of the watch.

The process of designing a watch for your brand is below:

2D drawing: We’ll create a 2D engineering drawing of the watch after you finish the watch design. It is the necessary step to make any changes to the design.

3D modeling: It’s the optional step to finish the 2D drawing. because you can see the watch size and how the watch comes together.

Prototyping: We’ll make a working prototype of the watch once the design is fully complete and confirmed. You can see the final product before mass production.

If you want to start your own watch brand but are not sure about the specifics, our in-house team can help you creating your watch brand from start to finish.

We have the necessary industry experience and knowledge to ensure that each watch is gotten the utmost attention to creating a superior product.

Bulk Ordering & Logo Printing

Once your watch designs and brand visual identity is finalized, next step is bulk production and printing brand elements on products.

At Romlicen, we have advanced manufacturing infrastructure to produce watches in small to large volumes as per your business stage – whether you want 100, 1,000 or 10,000 pieces on your first order. We also offer flexibility in ordering smaller batches if you wish to test the response first before expanding collections.

Our automated assembly lines enable maintaining highest quality standards across mass production runs. We precision-print or engrave your brand name, logo, slogans etc. on watch dials, cases and straps at no additional charge as part of our all-inclusive customized manufacturing.

In case you need any specific color, material or finishing for logo application, please consult our team. From plain black engraving to multi-color prints, various effects can be tested and realized.

Once your bespoke watch collection is fully assembled and branded for your company, we provide signature eco-friendly packaging along with authentication certificates for each watch before shipment.

We are excited to turn your watch venture into a recognizable and reputable brand in the global watch industry. Schedule a call today to understand our end-to-end process of design, prototyping, manufacturing and shipping watches tailored for your brand vision and audience.

Custom Watch Manufacturing
Marketing and Promotions Your Watch Brand

Marketing & Promotions

Launching your watch company successfully requires grabbing attention of your target consumers. Our experts can provide useful tips on marketing and promotions to establish your brand:

Digital Marketing

  • SEO to improve brand discoverability online
  • Google/Facebook ads to increase visibility
  • Email/Content marketing strategy

Social Media

  • Create branded profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
  • Share images, videos, launches, special offers

Influencer Marketing

  • Identify relevant influencers to promote your watches
  • Gift complimentary watches for honest reviews

Promotional Offers

  • Discount codes for first buyers
  • Bundle deals on multiple purchases
  • Free shipping etc. to encourage trials

Retail Partnerships

  • Sell via online ecommerce stores, multi-brand outlets
  • Arrange in-store advertising, trials for consumers

The idea is to inform, convince and attract more customers to buy your watches. Our experts can consult across designing the right promotional mix for your watch brand based on your goals and budget allocation. Let us make your branding and sales efforts more effective.

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