Mastering Water Resistance for Watches: Water resistant vs waterproof

watch waterproof vs water resistant

Understanding water resistance ratings is crucial for watch buyers and custom watch brands. This guide explores the difference between water resistant and waterproof watches, explains various water resistance levels, and provides tips for choosing the right rating and maintaining water resistance over time. It also introduces Romlicen as a trusted partner for OEM, ODM, and custom logo watch manufacturing services.

Supply Chain Management Essentials for Watch OEM/ODM

Supply Chain Management Essentials for Watch OEM ODM

Effective supply chain management provides significant competitive advantage to watch OEM/ODMs through better cost control, product quality, time-to-market and risk mitigation. Choosing reliable suppliers, managing optimal inventories, optimizing logistics, leveraging IT systems, and embracing innovation are essentials to build resilience and differentiation.

The Role of ODMs in Watchmaking: Services Offered

ODM Watch Manufacturing

As an original design manufacturer (ODM), Romlicen handles everything from initial concept designs to final delivery of quality, innovative watches for brands worldwide. Learn how partnering with an ODM unlocks benefits around cutting-edge technology access, extensive customization, cost savings, and quick time-to-market.