Custom Watches Manufacturer in China

Romlicen - Your Reliable Watch ODM and OEM Manufacturer

Founded in 2009, Romlicen is an integrated manufacturing provider located in Shenzhen, China. With advanced equipment, technology, and highly skilled workers, we specialize in ODM and OEM premium quality watches.

With over 15 years of experience in the watchmaking industry, Romlicen provides full in-house manufacturing capabilities spanning watch design and development, prototype creation, component fabrication, precision assembly, quality assurance, packaging, and order fulfillment. We can take a design from concept to mass production while ensuring excellent craftsmanship and strict quality control throughout the process.

Custom Watches Manufacturer in China

Our Watch Manufacturing Services

With fully integrated manufacturing capabilities, Romlicen provides specialized services spanning the entire premium watch production process:

Watch Design

Watch Design

  • Our in-house design team creates customized watch designs according to client requirements
  • We advise on design options, materials, components and technology solutions
  • Design renderings and CAD support provided

Watch Prototyping

  • Sample and small batch manufacturing for design verification
  • Fine-tuning of materials, dimensions and performance
  • Flexible small-scale production
Watch Prototyping
Watch Manufacturing

Watch Manufacture

  • Complete manufacturing solution from prototype creation to mass production
  • Precision CNC machining, finishing, polishing, and assembly
  • Quality control at every stage ensures consistent premium build quality

Watch Assembly

  • Expert hand assembly, calibration and testing by master technicians
  • Adjustments of dial, hands, date wheels and timing accuracy
  • Water resistance testing guaranteed
Watch Assembly
Watch Component Manufacturing

Watch Component Manufacturing

  • Customized fabrication of cases, dials, hands, and bands
  • Various materials including stainless steel, alloy, leather
  • Precision CNC machining, treatment and finishing

Packaging Solutions

  • Customized watch boxes and packaging design
  • Branding, foam cutouts, inserts and accessories
  • Packaging manufactured in-house
Watch Packaging Solutions
Our Core Capabilities

Why Choose Romlicen?

Romlicen sets ourselves apart as a watch ODM/OEM manufacturer with these key advantages:

Proven Track Record

  • Over 15 years and [number] of successful projects delivered
  • Longstanding relationships with leading global watch brands

End-to-End Capabilities

  • Complete in-house manufacturing reduces timelines
  • Seamless execution from design to delivery

Highest Quality Standards

  • Stringent quality control procedures
  • Precision hand assembly and comprehensive testing

Leading Technology

  • State-of-the-art machinery and equipment
  • Technical expertise and craftsmanship

Cost Competitiveness

  • Economies of scale enable attractive ODM/OEM pricing
  • China-based facilities with specialized skills

Customer-Focused Approach

  • Flexible order quantities aligned with demand
  • Customization services for brands’ unique requirements

How to Order?

Romlicen makes ordering ODM or OEM watch manufacturing simple and straightforward:

  1. Send your design requirements to our email at sales@romlicenwatch.com
  2. Our sales team will contact you to discuss details including order quantities, target pricing, production timeline estimates and product customization options
  3. We will create 3D models and computer-generated renderings for design verification, refinement and confirmation
  4. Submit finalized design to kickstart production process including prototyping, fabrication, assembly, testing and delivery
  5. Orders are packaged with customized branding and accessories
  6. We coordinate logistics and shipment based on required delivery dates

Throughout the process Romlicen’s account managers provide ongoing communication and support, overseeing the manufacturing of your watches from start to finish.

We offer flexible and scalable ordering aligned with individual brand needs. Contact our team at sales@romlicenwatch.com to get started on your next ODM or OEM watch project with Romlicen!

How to Start Your Custom Watch Project

Custom Watch Manufacturing FAQs

Watch Design Services FAQ

We offer full watch design services, from product conception, exterior design, material selection, feature configuration to component design. Our designer team has rich industry experience.

Yes, definitely. We highly value customers’ unique needs and can make customized designs according to your provided requirements and specifications.

Yes. Upon the completion of the design, we will provide a complete design package including 2D design drawings and 3D rendering visuals for your thorough reviews.

Watch Manufacturing Services FAQ

We manufacture and assemble various watches including LCD watches, mechanical watches, quartz watches, smart watches, etc. We also have machining capabilities for watch cases and straps made of different materials.

Our assembly accuracy reaches observatory level, precise to 1/100 mm. The machining accuracy for watch cases and straps also fully complies with industry standards.

Yes, we can. We have strong customized manufacturing capabilities to produce watches with special features and shapes according to customers’ design requirements.

Watch Prototyping Services FAQ

We provide design verification prototypes and engineering verification prototypes. The prototypes include design drawings, SLA samples and small batch assembly samples.

The lead time for design verification prototypes is about 15 working days. The engineering verification prototypes takes about 25 working days.

Definitely yes. Upon finishing the initial prototypes, we will take your review feedback to further improve and remake the prototypes.

Watch Assembly Services FAQ

Our assembly services include movement assembling, case assembling, strap assembling, whole watch assembling, testing, packaging and other complete assembly processes.

We have both automated assembly lines and specialized manual assembly workshops. Suitable assembly methods can be adopted based on different product requirements.

After assembly is completed, we conduct 100% inspection to check appearance quality, time accuracy, water resistance and other aspects to ensure meeting industry and customer standards before delivery.