Comparing Advantages and Disadvantages of MIYOTA and SEIKO Watch Movements

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This article will explore the advantages and disadvantages of Japanese MIYOTA and SEIKO watch movements. Understanding the characteristics of these movements will help consumers make more informed decisions when selecting watches. Advantages of MIYOTA Watch Movements Disadvantages of MIYOTA Watch Movements Advantages of SEIKO Watch Movements Disadvantages of SEIKO Watch Movements Conclusion In summary, Japanese … Read more

The advantages of the Japanese SEIKO-NH35 automatic mechanical movement

SEIKO-NH35 automatic mechanical movement

The SEIKO NH35 is an automatic mechanical movement produced by the renowned Japanese company, SEIKO. It is widely used in their own brand and custom watches, earning widespread acclaim in the horology industry for its stability, durability, and accuracy. Advantages: In summary, the SEIKO-NH35 automatic mechanical movement stands out in the watch market due to … Read more

The Glorious History and Development of Swiss ETA and Sellita Watch Movements

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Today, we gather at the ROMLICEN watch manufacturer to look back at the past and envision the future. We explore together the finest high-end custom watches, and I would like to share with you all the development history of the Swiss ETA and Sellita movements. Birth of Industry Pioneers in the Late 19th Century The … Read more

Warm Greetings from ROMLICEN – A Premier Custom Watch Manufacturer

Esteemed clients embarking on custom watch projects, Please accept our warmest regards from ROMLICEN, an eminent watch manufacturer. With our sterling reputation and mastery of timepiece craftsmanship, we eagerly anticipate initiating a collaborative partnership to produce your bespoke timepieces. As a renowned Chinese watch OEM manufacturer, our factory infuses exceptional artisanship, singular designs and premium … Read more

The Prospects of the Mechanical Watch Movement Industry: A Gem in the Market

In the constantly changing technological landscape, mechanical watch movements seem to be an enduring exception. They are not only precision craftworks, but also an important pillar of the global luxury goods market. Let’s take a deeper look at the market prospects of the mechanical watch movement industry. I. Growing Demand Mechanical watch movements attract consumers … Read more

The Bright Future of the Quartz Watch Industry from a Business Perspective

With the rapid development of technology, people are increasingly relying on technology to keep track of time. Under this trend, quartz watches, with their unparalleled precision and stylishness, have gradually become the new darling of the market. For businesses, the future of the quartz watch industry is full of infinite possibilities. Firstly, the unique charm … Read more

A Trustworthy Chinese Watch Manufacturer – Shenzhen Zhangchuang

Introduction With the progress of times and leaps in technology, Chinese manufacturing is quietly changing, occupying a place in the global market with its unique style and taste. Today, we would like to introduce an excellent Chinese watch manufacturer to you – Shenzhen Zhangchuang Watch Factory. High Quality and Precision The watches produced here not … Read more