The Role of ODMs in Watchmaking: Services Offered

At Romlicen, we pride ourselves on being a leading original design manufacturer (ODM) of watches made in China. As an ODM, we are deeply integrated into the entire watch manufacturing process without owning or marketing our own consumer brand. For over 15 years, Romlicen has been a trusted behind-the-scenes partner for international watch brands looking to brings innovative and quality timepieces to market quickly and cost-effectively.

As an original design manufacturer, Romlicen handles everything from initial concept designs to final delivery of branded watches to retailers, freeing up our clients to focus on marketing and sales. We have experience working with established luxury brands, aspirational fashion watches, as well as accessible basic timepieces. Our specialized expertise in quartz, mechanical, and smart watch movements empowers the visions of watch designers worldwide.

With extensive know-how in materials and manufacturing processes, a global supply chain, and advanced production facilities in China, Romlicen offers unparalleled value in helping brands develop memorable and distinct timepieces that consumers cherish for a lifetime. As tastes and technologies change, having a flexible ODM partner mitigates risks and ensures a competitive edge. Let us tell you more about the extent of offerings from an ODM specialist like Romlicen in the watch industry today.

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Benefits of Using an ODM Watch Manufacturer

Partnering with an original design manufacturing specialist like Romlicen for your watch brand comes with enormous strategic advantages, including:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technologies
    As watchmaking intersects more with tech, having an ODM provides access to the latest innovations not always available to brands directly. This includes advances in smart functionality, wearable connectivity, augmented reality displays, non-traditional materials, 3D printing, and more.
  • Extensive Customization Options
    Since ODMs handle a high volume of watch projects across diverse brands, their experience translating unique product ideas to viable manufacturing designs is unmatched. Romlicen offers expansive customization around watch shape, materials, movements, digital integration, colors and finishing touches to match your preferences.
  • Cost Savings
    By leveraging shared resources and supply chain networks, ODM watch production through Romlicen provides significant value. Our economies of scale in procuring components, machinery investments, and available regional workforces leads to substantial per unit price reductions.
  • Quick Time-to-Market
    With expertise across the production cycle, ODMs like Romlicen allow watch releases on accelerated schedules suited to today’s fast-paced fashion and tech sectors. Our existing development frameworks save brands considerable time versus in-house vertical creation.

Services Offered by ODMs for Watch Brands

As an original design manufacturer catered to watchmaking, Romlicen is a true one-stop partner. Our expansive suite of offerings enables brands to execute their unique visions while benefiting from our integrated specialty support:

ODM Watch Design Capabilities

Leveraging an expert design team and advanced digital tools, we help brands bring distinctive watch concepts to fruition including:
• Trend analysis for style guidance
• 3D modeling and photo-realistic rendering
• Ergonomic evaluation and sizing requirements
• Complex mechanical layout ideation
• Prototype refinement in physical models
• Personalization around finishes and embellishments

ODM Watch Movement Development

Drawing on decades perfecting quartz, mechanical, and smart caliber performance, we create power sources aligned to brand technical objectives spanning:
Accuracy tolerances
Power reserve capacity
Multi-functional integration
Durability benchmarks
Ease of servicing

ODM Watch Component Manufacturing

Our mass production expertise around precision components empowers incredible choice and responsiveness:
• Hundreds of case shape, bezel, and face variants
• Metal machining and finishing (polishing, engraving, etc)
• Exotic material procurement (titanium, carbon derivatives)
• Index, hands, batteries, straps, and matching elements
• Water pressure and environment testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

With strict protocols and advanced facilities, Romlicen provides validation around:
• Multi-stage quality control checkpoints
• Sensor calibration and connectivity confirmation
• Accuracy certification (COSC or bespoke)
• Water resistance grade verification
• Usage testing under stress loads/impacts

ODM Watch Production
ODM Watch Production

Benefits of Working with Romlicen as an ODM Watch Manufacturer

While the ODM model broadly drives innovation and value across watchmaking, choosing the right partner is crucial in realizing the full advantages. As an industry leader with over 30 years of expertise, Romlicen provides unique benefits by selecting us for your manufacturing needs including:

  • Unparalleled Watch-Specific Expertise
    Our sole focus on end-to-end watch creation makes Romlicen unmatched in understanding the intersections between precise functionality, appealing aesthetics, and quality assurance. Our teams live and breathe technical specifications, tiny component nuances, and equipment fine-tuning.
  • Cutting-Edge Chinese Manufacturing Infrastructure
    With advanced, purpose-built facilities in China optimized for watchmaking, Romlicen pairs Swiss-like quality with speed and cost competitiveness. Our proprietary manufacturing technologies and access to qualified regional workforces empowers scale.
  • One-Stop Watch Development Shop
    Romlicen’s fully integrated offerings combined with our specialty experience translates to simplicity in execution for brands. By handling everything from first concepts to retail-ready packaging, brands need only one point of contact during design and delivery.
  • Medium to High Volume Production Idealized
    While flexible to projects of many sizes, Romlicen best leverages our operational scale and expertise when producing batch sizes ranging from ten thousand to a couple hundred thousand units. Larger runs maximize value.
  • Unmatched Responsiveness and Lead Times
    With nimble teams and local proximity between design builders and manufacturing, Romlicen enables accelerated turnaround times to help brands seize opportunities. Our vertically integrated process avoids third-party bottlenecks.


The world of watchmaking, once dominated bysecretive Swiss makers focused solely on mechanical mastery, is now embracing expanded design possibilities through ODM partnerships. As timekeeping intertwines with sensors, connectivity, exotics materials and augmented realities, having a collaborative ODM specialist unlocks innovation potential like never before.

Romlicen represents the future of agile, creatively-fueled manufacturing possible when brands leverage dedicated ODM experts. By handling immense design complexity and production coordination behind the scenes, we allow our clients to focus purely on the joy of imagining revolutionary timepieces that connect emotionally with consumers.

Our decades perfecting the integration of high-precision techniques with emerging technologies means unmatched capability to make ambitious visions for watches into tangible products. Partnership with Romlicen mitigates the risks and barriers today for brands looking to make a mark in global watch markets through memorable and distinct timekeeping.

The future for watches no longer lies solely in heritage mechanical designs reserved for the affluent few. Everyone can appreciate and incorporate world-class workmanship into their lifestyles through the access and customization enabled by the ODM model. We invite all brands with relentless curiosity about the cutting edge of time to partner in this new era of possibility with the support of specialist innovators like Romlicen.

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